About Us

Advanced Lighting Services, Inc. (C10 668348) was founded in 1992 and over the past 27 years has been on the forefront as a national lighting and electrical provider to the Private Sector, Municipality, Utilities and Government. Recent Projects include energy saving project upgrades to over 3 million sq. ft. for PG&E Facilities throughout California.  In addition, Advanced Lighting Services has successfully completed over 200,000 streetlights for several PG&E serviced cities including but not limited to San Francisco, Fresno and Bakersfield. 

In addition to LED Conversion, ALSI provides Pole Inspection, Pole Removal and Pole Replacement. At ALSI, and as members of I.B.E.W. our highly trained installation crews and service department’s ability to manage maintenance, troubleshooting and repair requests is unparalleled. Our average response time on non- emergency requests is less than 10 hours and 3 hours on emergency requests.

ALSI has partnered with Evari GIS Consulting on numerous projects over the past 5 years to bring GIS services to the field. This includes live installation information from the field to our management staff and customer real time. This successful partnership has allowed for realtime scenario’s to be addressed and captured for a comprehensive behind the scenes review by both our client and management staff.

It is our policy, both as an employer and a service provider, to uphold the highest standards as they relate to personal conduct and professional ethics. We carry this message to all our employees, vendors and subcontractors.